Magimix 5200XL Food Processor - Chrome

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Invented by Magimix and still manufactured in France, the multifunctional food processor has become the most important kitchen machine for everyday cooking and special gourmet occasions.

Kitchen System 5200 XL - The ultimate workhorse.

If you are entertaining a lot, this model gives you all the flexibility you need.

grating carrots or potatoes,
slicing cucumbers or tomatoes,
choping meat, blending soups,
Whizzing up milkshakes,
Emulsifying sauces,
Kneading brioche, bread dough or shortcrust pastry,
Whipping cream or whisking egg whites.
3 bowls allow you to carry out several tasks in quick succession.
3 buttons to access all functions.
Motor automatically adjusts its power for each task.
Recipe book from starters to desserts.
Accessory box for compact and safe storage.
All accessories are dishwasher safe.
Manufactured in France.
Powerful and efficient, ultra-quiet induction motor with a 30 year guarantee.
All parts and accessories are also made in France.