Your Kitchen CheckList To Staying Organised

Your Kitchen CheckList To Staying Organised - Home And Trends

We’ve all seen the home organisations on TV. We’ve watched in amazement how teams take drab and dysfunctional spaces and turn them into dreamy, organised and stylish spaces. Translating what we see on the TV to our own homes can be a real challenge, however! So we’re here to offer some practical help with a checklist to get your kitchen organised – one item at a time!


Break down your kitchen into zones. Start with the most used areas first, such as the refrigerator and pantry. These two areas often get used the most and can also be the most disorganised.

The Refridgerator

Start with a good declutter. In fact, pack out everything and clean your fridge from the inside out to ensure that everything is ready for some order! While you’re packing everything out, be sure to check expiry dates and chuck away anything that’s passed its use-by date!

Next, measure up your space. Not all refrigerators are made equal and you may have to adjust your shelving or invest in containers to make better use of space. We love clear fridge containers where you can safely house all your food, but still see through the containers for easy access when you need it. These are also great for stacking and will help you make better use of available shelf space.

Furthermore, repack the inside of your door with all the essentials you use often. Things like condiments, milk and eggs often fit here effortlessly. And finally, repack your fridge drawer into visible sections where you can quickly reach for fresh produce as you need it.

The Pantry

Chaos in the pantry often means forgotten items (those things you bought in the past and completely lost track of) that may still be lying on the back of a shelf. Clear out your pantry and get rid of anything old, expired or no longer in use.

Next, invest in labels. Whether you buy, print or write out your own labels, these can be a gamechanger in an organised kitchen. Labels will help you identify what you have and where everything is placed in your pantry. Choose containers or baskets for grouping like items together. This will also create easy access when you’re searching for items you really need. Keep an inventory list and be sure to replenish items as you use them. Another top tip for your kitchen pantry: try to store things that have a closer expiry date right at the front, so that you have a better chance of using these items first!

Kitchen utensils

If you have any utensils that you simply don’t use, that no longer work, or that you have duplicates of – be sure to get rid of these. It is often these items that clutter up our drawers and cause chaos in the kitchen. Keep things streamlined with drawer organisers that you can use to create a layout of all your goods. This is a great way to establish order and keep a system in place that will offer longevity for an organised kitchen.

The kid cabinet

If anything, this is the one cabinet that can often be the messiest. As little hands open to grab containers, juice cups and more – try to make the most of this space, and importantly, try to organise it with your child in mind. Big plastic bins or baskets are great for arranging kid-friendly kitchen items. A plastic container with sippy cups and bottles makes for easy storage and your child will know exactly where to return their items when they need to pack these away.

With these four key areas organised, you’ll be on your way to a streamlined kitchen in no time!

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