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Home and Trends: Stylish Home Storage & Organiser Ideas

Need help keeping your belongings organized in your decor aesthetic? Look no further as we bring you a range of organizer ideas  to help you make the most of your precious items.


Whether you’ve got a collection of jewellery, makeup, toiletries or sentimental items, it’s vital to give these pieces a special place in your home. Easy access in a stylish container. This would be the aim, right? When you spend so much money on these essential items – those heirloom earrings and designer makeup brushes – but we fail to give them their own prized home. Enough is enough. It’s time to invest in simple, stylish and affordable storage solutions for these timeless keepsakes.

Storage can be elegant

When you think of storage, your mind may race to plastic containers and unappealing boxes. But this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, modern storage solutions are presented in classy finishes that will tie into your high-end ambience at home. The Mirror Storage Bin, for example is a sophisticated piece in itself. This luxury, mirror design storage bin can elegantly organise your essentials and add a classy sparkle to your space. Furthermore, it features a perspex tipped, crystal knob and is available in coffee, grey and silver.

The Silver Decorative Storage Box with lid is another beautiful storage solution with a unique patterned design and champagne edging. At 34x24cm in size, it is compact but spacious enough to contain those precious neckpieces, rings and more.

Better yet, why not put your jewellery on display with the Hanging Tree Jewellery Stand. This gorgeous golden tree is the perfect size to hang up your dainty necklaces or earrings and features a genuine Marble Stone base.


Fuss-free, convenient storage

Storage does not need to be complicated. A simple organizer can be a very versatile addition to your dresser. Take for instance this Multicompartment Cosmetics Organizer. This piece is a practical makeup organizer for an organised and clutter-free dresser, table or countertop.

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